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603 - Reflexology Massage Mat
1000A - Reflexology Rolling Massager
This product has special arc dangling and
rolling function. There are 24 rolling balls in left
and right side. Making use of the irregular
rotation ways to formulate all kinds of massage
ways of Chinese medicine (pushing, kneading
and pinch) into one machine.
This self care massager can enhance blood
circulation, relaxation and your own healing
system. Quick and easy to use.
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Reflexology (zone therapy) is an ancient art developed by
the Egyptains. Western classified it as an alternative
medicine method. This special technique involving the
practice of massaging, squeezing, or pushing on specific
pressure points of the feet, with the goal of encouraging a
beneficial effect on other parts of the body, or to improve
beneficial effect on other parts of the body, or to improve
general health. Traditional East Asian foot reflexology is
called Zoku Shin Do. This is the foot portion of the
Japanese massage technique. The roots of Zoku Shin Do
go back to ancient China and are over 5000 years old.
Many changes took place in zone therapy, or reflexology,
as new knowledge was added.
How those pressure points are corresponds to different parts of our body is
complicated. But the following reflexology equipments are fairly simple to use.
Walk the path to get better health
A 15-30 minutes barefoot walk on a this
massage mat will improve the circulation
of blood, reduce blood pressure, stimulate
your immune system,  stimulate your body
to fight obesity naturally. This is totally
natural. No side effect has been found
after hundreds of studies. The logic
behind it is to stimulate (wake up) your
feet's reflexology points which are linked
to body's respective organs (i.e. organ
reflection points) , through this stimulation
can activate their healing mechanism and
let it heal itself before things get worse,
without the help of medicine.

To minimize the uncomfortable feeling,
you can start by wearing a socks.