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Aroma Shower Gel & Moisturizers
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essential oil, aromatherapy
    AromaEssentia offers a wide range of high quality certified
    natural essential oils and carrier oils suitable for aromatherapy to
    providing effective body and facial treatments. Aroma shampoo,
    conditioner and bath salt is also available for spa.

    AromaEssenita natural essential oils are source from all over the
    world with clear labels to identify the country origin.

    In Aromatherapy only pure natural essential oils, carrier oils, floral
    water, herbs and other natural substances are used.
    AromaEssentia natural essential oils contain the true essence of
    the plant it was derived from. Natural essential oils are highly
    concentrated and a little goes a long way, differ from artificial
    fragrances oil essential oils offer therapeutic benefits.
    In brief, aromatherapy is the use of volatile plant oils, including
    essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. It is a
    holistic treatment which is popular in most of the western countries.  
    The term 'aromatherapy' is attributed to a French cosmetic chemist
    names Rene Maurice Gattefosse. As he worked in his lab in the
    early 1920, he severely burned himself. In order to cool the pain,
    he plunged his arm into the only cold substance around, a vat of
    lavender essential oil. The burns healed rapidly, with little scarring
    and a new science was born. Gattefosse dedicated the remainder
    of his life to the study of aromatherapy, or the healing power of
    scented healing oils. In his studies he proved that essential oils have
    good penetration, can go deep down to the dermis, absorbed by
    the vein, through blood circulation can get to the organs and
    complete healing process.
100% Natural Essential Oil
100% Natural Carry Oil
Special blended essential oils, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel & bath salt
are available for Spa at wholesale price, for facial treatments, body massage &
Aroma Professional Purifying Masks
Shower Gel & Bath Salt
Shampoo & Conditioner