Kegral Company Limited
A slimming design back massage cushion.  Providing
not only a vibrating movement to your muscles, also a
smoothing massage therapy like human hands.  
302DX - 360  Massage Cushion

Just feel like the therapist massage.
You can place the cushion to massage your neck,
upper back, lower back  and lower leg.
Especially suitable for car seat.
302B - Shiatsu Back Massager  
Have 2 rotating nodes based on the principles
of  shiatsu massager. Place in your chair can
add comfortable support and relief your lower
back stress.
No Batteries are required
You can carry the relaxation with you to your
office, any room at home
302D - Deep Tissue Therapeutic
Massage Cushion
This deep tissue cushion is ideal to relieve
sore and tensed muscles.  Relax this cushion
in your favorite chair or lounge. Help to
improve your posture and back pain.
302F -  Back Kneading Massager  
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302G– Smoothing Back Massage Cushion
The two internal hands consisting of 4
kneading fingers work in harmony to
give a strong relaxing back massage.

The massage can promote the blood
Provide Perfect Solution for Professionals
302–  Back Massage Cushion