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Propolis Concentrate : proper cell
function and promotes necrosis
(breakdown and elimination of
diseased tissues). Also inhibits
growth of harmful bacteria.  Helps
to prevent cold, flu or viruses
Propolis Serum Moisturizer
(For external use only): It is
designed for daily use as preventive
maintenance for the face. When
applied to traumatized facial skin, it
will accelerate healing and help the
skin repair.
Propolis Throat Spray :
It soothes, moisture and
relieves dry throat. it helps
soothe a sore throat, ulcrs
or cough. Spray directly
into throat and mouth as
Propolis Herbal Tonic:Take
internally as a dietary
supplement to help enhance
your immune system,
especially during flu and
cold season.
Propolis Gel (For external use
It helps build immunity and resistance
toward infections, ulcers, viruses,
fungi and other harmful agents.
Protects the skin from complications
during healing. This particular formula
is excellent for extremely dry,
chapped and burned skin.

Used by the US Military Special

Propolis Conditioner: Revives damaged
hair, encourages healthy hair growth and
helps prevent hair loss. It is especially
beneficial for damaged or color treated hair.

Epicuren® Products Featuring Brazilian Propolis

When bees started to gather in hives, they had a problem that no medical person would want to
face…how do you avoid bacterial infection when 40,000 (give or take) bodies are constantly
crawling over each other in a hive?

Nature provided the answer for the bee’s problem. Certain trees, flowers, and plants exude a sap
that has antibiotic qualities to protect them from infection. The bees gather this sap, metabolize it
naturally and take it back to the hive. The hive is then coated with this resin so that every bee in the
hive could brush against it and become immunized. Many scientists believe a hive to be more sterile
and free from bacteria than a modern hospital’s surgical areas.

It is said that Propolis is the most natural antibiotic man has ever discovered. The remarkable thing
about this statement is the fact that this discovery took place some 2000 years ago. A lot of people
probably haven't even heard about Propolis, and yet, ancient herbal books prescribed Propolis for
numerous complaints. The bactericidal qualities of this medicine have been known since the
beginning of written history.

The use of Propolis in popular medicine goes back all the way to ancient times. Egyptians, Greeks
and Romans reported the use of Propolis for its general healing qualities and for the cure of some
lesions of the skin.

Currently, doctors and scientists have proven Propolis to be effective in helping to build immunity
and resistance toward infections, ulcers, viruses, stress, burns, fungi and other harmful agents.

Propolis Shampoo:  It promotes a healthy
scalp, strengthens hair. Invigorates and
leaves a natural sheen, can also help to
reduce dandruff.

Massage into damp hair. Rinse thoroughly.
Follow up with revive propolis conditioner.
Apply to damp hair and massage for 3 to 5
mins. Rinse thoroughly.
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